Compatible with all corporate video
conferencing systems.

True, full motion video at up to 30 FPS.

Picture in picture and multipoint.

Expert customer service support.

Works on your favorite home television.  

TV network broadcast quality.

Wide angle pan-tilt camera for
comfortable video communications.

Crystal clear audio.

Dials just like a telephone.

Connects through your broadband DSL,
cable modem, or corporate T1.

No PC is required.

In/out jacks connect VCR and camcorders.

*No computer is required or necessary, although TeVue will also work on any computer monitor with VGA/Composite adapter.

The wide angle camera lens was designed with your TV media room or conference room in mind. Your couch or chairs are already positioned comfortably around your television. Almost anywhere you go you stay in the picture. It really feels like you are all in the same room together.

TeVue works best when centered directly on top or below your television. When you look at the television screen, you will appear to be looking directly at the other callers.

The picture in picture mode shows you what you look like to the other callers.

*Caller ID: When you get a call, your television displays the callers name and number so you can decide whether to answer the call.

*Personal number: For your convenience we automatically assign your TeVue with your existing home or office telephone number. Or, if you prefer, we can provide almost any number you like.

Privacy Button: The TeVue remote control has a privacy button so that at the touch of a button you can be heard but not seen.

Mute Button: The TeVue remote control has a mute button so that at the touch of a button you can be seen but not heard.

Speed dial and phonebook: TeVue also holds 10 speed-dial numbers and has a 100 number phonebook.


Q: What is a TeVue?

TeVue is a set top device that enables any television to transmit and receive interactive video conferencing communications anywhere in the world.

Q: Who can I call?

Virtually anyone with an H.323 standards video conferencing unit and a broadband connection. These include other TeVues, in addition to virtually every other corporate video conferencing system in service around the globe today; and tens of millions of USB camera equipped PC’s.

Q: What type of connection do I need to use a TeVue?

Any DSL or Cable broadband service providing a high-speed internet modem.  TeVue works on speeds as low as 128K to 384K. The quality of the video is dictated by the speed of the connection. (We strongly recommend a minimum speed of 256k). TeVue will also work on virtually any corporate network utilizing T1 connections and LAN, WAN or VPN.

Q: What does a call cost?

Because TeleFone TV Network connects your audio and video through the public Internet every call is FREE, whether across the street or across the globe.

Q: How easy is TeVue to use?

As easy as using your telephone. We assign every TeVue the same 10 digit telephone number as your home or any other 7 to 10 digit number that you desire. You can also dial any corporation's IP address.  Or use the speed-dial, programmable up to 100 TeleFone TV numbers. TeVue also has last 10 number redial.

Q: How hard is TeVue to install?

TeVue is literally plug and play.  Using the included cable, (1) plug TeVue directly into your cable or DSL modem or home router or any corporate Ethernet connection; then (2) plug it into a power outlet and then (3) plug it into your television. It' that simple.  If you already have an existing router, it simply has to be configured to work with TeVue which can be done either by using the manufacturer’s instructions, or by calling TeVue's tech support hot line.  If you purchase a new router through TeVue, it will come preconfigured to work with your TeVue, right out of the box.

Q: Does TeVue work on my TV?

Yes, TeVue can be plugged into any size television.  The bigger the television, the more fun.  No computers are required.

Q: Can I use external cameras and microphones?

Yes, TeVue has two pairs of audio and video input jacks. You can plug in virtually any audio and/or
video capture device such as a camcorder, VCR, DVD player, digital camera, PC, remote security
camera, document camera, etc. A button on TeVue allows you to choose either the internal camera
or either one of the two external sources.

Q: Can I record my calls?

Yes, you can record your calls either using a VCR, a DVR, or a computer.

Q: Does TeVue automatically answer an incoming call?

It is up to you. You can choose to set TeVue on auto answer so that it automatically answers any
incoming calls or answer the call manually by pressing the "on" key with the TeVue Remote control. The auto answer function is useful, for example, if you want to use TeVue to call into your house when you are away.

Q: What about privacy?

TeVue is equipped with both an audio and video “mute” feature. Simply push a button and you can
block the person at the far end from hearing you and/or seeing you.

Q: Can I see what a caller is seeing on my end?

Yes, TeVue has a moveable picture-in-picture (PIP) display. You can set TeVue to display a picture of what the other end is seeing or you can eliminate the picture-in-picture completely. You can even move the PIP to different places on the screen.

Q: Can I use TeVue while someone else in my house is on a computer?

Yes, but the performance of TeVue may be affected depending on the bandwidth available.

Q: Can I use TeVue in a home network either wired or wireless?


Q: Does TeVue have a Warranty?

TeVue is covered by a Life Time Warranty against defects. If your TeVue is not performing as specified, we will repair or replace it for free.

Q: Can I make a video call with more than one site on the far end?

Yes, using our bridging service you can connect multiple participants in a video or audio call using TeVue. Or in a corporate environment you may already have an internal bridging capability within your network.

Q: What if I don't have a static IP address

No problem.  TeVue was designed to work with both Dynamic and Static IP addresses.  Most residential DSL and Cable services provide Dynamic IP addressing.  This means that your IP address constantly changes.  Utilizing our TeleFone TV Network gatekeeper, your TeVue automatically tells the gatekeeper every time your address changes.  This is an invisible process to you.  With TeVue you don't ever need to know your IP address at all, only the telephone number we assign you.   DHCP is the protocol that enables TeVue to continue to operate even when your IP address changes. Without DHCP functionality you would be required to re-input your new IP address every time it changed.

Q: What are H.323, H.263 and all those other H. things on the spec sheet?

These are standards set by the International Telecommunications Union such that various brands
of communication equipment can communicate with each other. TeVue complies with all of the
important ITU standards so that you can use it to “talk to” virtually any brand of video communications system seamlessly.




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