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Brochure 1992


Front Cover



No other data processing company is more
experienced with the specific needs of
telecommunications resellers. We intimately
know your industry because it is our industry.
We have spent our entire professional careers
providing telecommunications solutions.
Intelli-BiII is the easiest to use and most
advanced billing system available today.
Now, it is your solution.
"It was my years of experience with Jim
Ruttenberg and Robert Lippman, and their
extraordinary software that prompted me to
create US FiberCom Network. Their company
became the brains and the backbone of the
US FiberCom billing system."
Todd Klein, Founder and CEO,
US FiberCom Network
"Our company has been a switch less rebiller of
a dozen long distance networks since 1982.
MAGNET has consistently provided the
solutions that made our success possible."
Corbett Merchant, Telediscount
"The secret is out. MAGNET makes billing easy."
Rob Hale, Network Plus
"Experience, quality and reliability. They have it
all. Thank-you, MAGNET."
Michael Mann,
Cal Pacific Communications
Large national corporations, associations, and
other diverse businesses, as well as resellers, also
depend on our unique combination of telecom-
munications and data processing skills. Nation-
wide, operations managers depend on MAGNET's
expertise to conquer the complexities of net-
working telecommunications, computer systems,
data processing, and cost control management.
We monitor the inventory status and costs of eyery
piece of equipment and every line in their entire
network. Then we provide the management
reports and recommendations necessary to
optimize their network's efficiency.
MAGNET has built its unparalleled reputation
in the most demanding and intensified telecom-
munications environment in the world - the
sophisticated networks of the international
investment community.
"MAGNET combines telecommunications
knowledge and data processing expertise
into one enterprise. That's a necessary but
virtually impossible combination to achieve
on our own."
Scott Burns, Dean Witter
"MAGNET said they would show me results
in 60 days. Experience with other vendors
prompted me to expect a longer turnaround.
But MagNet came through SOONER than I
Mike Zolcinski, Kidder Peabody
"With MAGNET, I deal directly with the
principal implementing my solution. No
salesperson or accounting rep.
I cut through all that."
George Germano, Bear Stearns