Mr. Lippman was data processing director for a
leading international consulting firm. His technical
and management skills have served such discrimi-
nating clients as : Chemical Bank, Macy's depart-
ment stores, North Carolina National Bank, York
and several other Canadian universities and the
Caswell-Massey consumer products organization.
Chief Executive Officer
Vice President
Mr. Ruttenberg's background includes five years of
corporate telecommunications management at
IBM. During the 15 communications consulting years
that followed, he provided voice and data network
optimization analyses for: General Motors, Ford,
Westinghouse, Honeywell, General Electric and
other Fortune 500 companies.
Mr. Klein is the founder and CEO of several success-
ful telecommunications companies. In 1980, Mr.
Klein formed ITK Communication Systems, the pio-
neer of equal access dialing technology. In 1985,
Mr. Klein founded and became CEO of Telcost
Consultants, a national telecommunications con-
sulting firm. During the past decade, over a thou-
sand companies nationwide such as Avon, British
Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), The New York
Post, and the National Basketball Association (NBA)
Vice President, Software Development
Mr. Dickens has a strong system design/implemen-
tation background. After gaining accounting sys-
tems experience at a Marsh & Mclennan subsid-
iary, he was retained by Philip Morris to create an
applications model that eliminated considerable
programming duplication.
have retained Mr. Klein for his telecommunications
In 1987, Mr. Klein founded and became CEO of US
FiberCom Network (USF), the nation's first operating
AT&T SDN rebiller.
As CEO of US Fibercom, Mr. Klein laid the foundation
that was to become the Interexchange Resellers
Association (IRA) in 1990.