For telecommunications resellers,
the message is clear.  The company
that bills the customer - owns the 
customer. Resellers already using
MAGNET's Intelli-Bill Service have
proven superiority. Now the secret is out.
Today, MAGNET's Intelli-BiII can be
your key advantage.
With your rates and your name on it - we
process the magnetic tape from the carrier
into your bills to send to your customers.
Your state-of-the-art Intelli-Bill then becomes
your key marketing advantage by offering
discounted rates and customized summary
reports that competitors can't.
We have the experience. We have been
processing long distance bills for resellers for
over a decade. As a matter of FACT, we are
the first company to process AT&T SDN and
MCI VNET magnetic tape to create bills
specifically for switch less resellers.
We provide every imaginable type of laser
printed call detail and summaries. Unlimited
rate flexibility. Management reports. Vertex
tax entries. Accounting codes. Multi-location
billing for corporate accounts with single or
multi-point remittance. We can combine:
MC!, Sprint. AT&T, Metromedia and any other
carrier, 800 incoming, outgoing, switched and
dedicated, calling cards, and even cellular
ONTO ONE BILL. There is virtually no limit.
We have perfected the process. Intelli-BiII
was created for those resellers who require
state-of-the-art billing with absolute simplicity.
Intelli-BiII is the end result of almost a decade
of development. It is the only billing system for
switchless resellers that has a proven record
of success.
Intelli-BiII is so user-friendly, your secretary
can become your entire billing department.
On your own PC, you simply enter the same
data as you normally would for any new
client. We do the rest.
Simply, we will provide you with the answers
before you even ask the questions. And if you
come up with a new idea, we'll implement it.
We are the leader in processing AT&T SDN
and AT&T 800 magnetic tape into the most
comprehensive bills in the industry. Our IBM
3090 mainframe currently processes tens of
millions of call records per month.
And we. do it like clockwork.
Intelli-BiII: Our state-of-the-art comprehensive
billing system continually. updated with new
features and services.
Compare-a-BiII: Our Intelli-Bill with the
comparative rates of other networks printed side
by side in the call detail and summary .reports.
Custom-Bill: Our Intelli-BiII customized on
a continual basis for you to meet the specific
demands of any individual network customer.
Wifh Custom-BiII you can deliver 100%
complefe customized billing on a customer
by customer basis.